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I. Users are not allowed to do the following on the services provided by us:

Publishing positive proxy services based on our infrastructure in public areas including, but not limited to, forums, blogs, group chats, etc.

Upload content that is strictly prohibited by the laws of the location of the service and the location of the user (including but not limited to: illegal gambling, violent crimes, politics, cheating, etc.)

Upload and promote illegal content such as obscenity, pornography, child pornography (including setting up a reverse proxy to a server storing such content)

Set up any form of anonymous proxy

External and internal attacks (ARP spoofing, port scanning, flooding)

Spoofing IP addresses

Sending spam email

Spread Trojan virus, post spam (forum community posts, replies)

Upload, download and store content that violates the copyright law of the location where the service is located (pirated resources, imitation brands)

Use nested virtualization

Torrent download/upload of any kind

Install software such as FinalSpeed to transmit a large number of redundant data packets

Hosting cryptocurrency related services, including but not limited to any cryptocurrency network nodes or mining pools

II. Division and boundaries of user responsibilities

Users are obliged to ensure the security of their email addresses, mobile phone numbers and passwords, and users are fully responsible for all activities performed on their accounts. If you transfer, sell or authorize others to use your own account information without authorization, the user shall bear all consequences arising therefrom.

If there is a dispute caused by the user changing the owner of the product (account) by modifying the email address, applying for a Push product, etc., we have the right to suspend the use of the account and product involved and refuse to provide any form of support services.

If the user acts abusive to customer service, we have the right to refuse to continue to provide services.

III. Rational use of product resources

We do not allow users to occupy a large amount of bandwidth resources for a long time (except exclusive products) so as to affect the performance of the public network of the data center.

We do not allow users to maliciously consume server computing power and hardware life for mining operations.

IV. Handling of abuse and complaints

If a large amount of bandwidth resources are occupied for a long time (except for exclusive products) so as to affect the performance of the public network of the data center, we will limit the speed of your service, and if it is serious, we will directly suspend your service. Please submit a work order to contact us Negotiation process. If it occurs multiple times under the same account, all services under the account will be automatically suspended. Please submit a work order to negotiate a backup transfer.

The server scans weak passwords or ports or launches attacks, copyright (pirated) content, and sends spam or junk information to the outside. After we receive the complaint email, no matter whether it is active or passive, the service will be suspended until it expires, and a fine of 15 EUR will be charged ( Failure to pay the corresponding penalty within 7 days will result in your account being suspended by us).

If the service suffers from a large-traffic DDoS attack (attacked or actively attacked externally), the route will be empty (block the IP address) for 24 hours. Those who are frequently attacked will provide 24-hour backup data and terminate the service after unblocking, and lock the server until it expires.

Server intranet attack, ARP hijacking, whether active or passive, suspend service until it expires, and terminate all product services under the name many times.

Once there are complaints about phishing, fraud, viruses and Trojan horses, all services under the account will be dealt with according to the situation, including but not limited to: locking until expiration, immediate termination (no backup time), etc.

In accordance with laws and regulations, when the law enforcement agency where the server is located issues a valid search warrant or relevant certificates, we will cooperate with the law enforcement agency to provide relevant data in accordance with the law while protecting the rights and interests of users as much as possible.

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