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I. Disclaimer clause and data loss handling plan

1. The service cannot be accessed (used) or data is lost due to the user's arrears, non-renewal or forgotten renewal.

2. The service cannot be accessed (used) or data is lost due to the user's operation or other related behaviors.

3. Inaccessibility or data loss caused by the user's website content or use behavior in violation of the first provision of the "Acceptable Use Policy" contract.

4. Loss of access or data loss caused by major social abnormal events such as wars, armed conflicts, strikes, riots, riots, etc.

5. Due to force majeure, including but not limited to: natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, plague epidemics, etc., and social events such as: wars, turmoil, government actions, interruption of telecommunication trunk lines, hackers, network congestion, technical adjustments of the telecommunication sector and government Control and other force majeure.

6. The server does not provide data off-site disaster recovery backup, please do off-site backup by yourself.

7. For data loss caused by the accidental failure of the hard disk itself, annual payment customers will be compensated for the 2-month usage period of the same package, and monthly payment customers will be compensated for the same package usage period of 1 month, but they will not bear the loss of customer data value.

8. After the service expires, shut down and suspend the service, and delete the service on the third day. Once the data is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

II. Unmanaged service

We currently do not offer managed services. We do not provide any technical support except for server failures and network problems, including but not limited to: agent installation panels, agent maintenance services, etc. Please understand.

III. Service Compensation Clause

Due to earthquakes, fires, floods and other force majeure reasons, the services purchased by users cannot be used normally, and the compensation plan will be implemented depending on the situation.

Due to our hardware failure and node maintenance, the instance is abnormally offline, and the following compensation plan will be implemented.

Compensation plan: Compensation is made based on twice the service downtime, and the compensation is issued to extend the service time. If the impact time is too long, the refund operation will be carried out according to the situation.

IV. Solutions for line and network fluctuations

Due to the force majeure of the international network export and backbone network fluctuations of various countries, we only contact the data center in time to deal with or change the route when the nodes and data centers experience network fluctuations, but the access speed cannot be guaranteed.

V. Service data flow analysis and interception

In order to ensure service quality, we will analyze our backbone network traffic and intercept illegal traffic. Audit data will not be transferred to third parties without the request of relevant government departments.

VI. Refund policy

We promise to provide a 24-hour money-back guarantee for all products that have not been specifically stated. When the following situations occur, your refund application will be rejected:

· Fraud occurred in the order

· Instance generated abuse (Abuse) behavior

· The instance suffered a DDoS attack

· The traffic used by the instance exceeds 15 GB

· The assigned IP address cannot be accessed in a country/region in the RIPE Atlas area, and there are no more than 3 inaccessible monitoring points in total (only valid for customers in the RIPE Atlas area)

· Due to the user's personal behavior, the IP address was blocked in the direction of mainland China

In principle, the refund will be made through the original payment method, and the actual amount received will be subject to the payment gateway after deducting the handling fee.

After the account refund operation occurs, it will not affect the continued use of your account, but it will make your account unable to apply for refund again.

VII. Agree to the terms

Before purchasing, please carefully read the "Terms of Service" and "Acceptable Use Policy"

The public IP addresses provided by us are all broadcast IPs, and we do not promise that the IP addresses can be used to watch streaming media services. After completing the announcement of the new IP address subnet, we will submit an address database correction request to the data service provider. The IP address database is maintained by a third party, and the processing time is not controlled by us.

Filing any type of dispute (Dispute) request at the payment gateway will result in your account being permanently closed by us and all services cancelled.

Unless otherwise specified, we only guarantee that the IP address assigned to the instance for the first time can be accessed from mainland China. During the service period, due to the user's personal behavior, our IP address is blocked by mainland China. We will provide it depending on the availability of the IP address pool. Paid IP address replacement service, if the address pool is insufficient or exhausted, we will refuse to provide paid IP address replacement service.

VIII. Promotion related

We do not allow customers to make purchases through the referral links of their other accounts. We will conduct automatic feature review on orders containing affiliate (Affiliate) IDs, and manually review again on orders suspected of having false referrals. We have the right to close the referral account or ban the accounts that generate false referrals and purchase accounts.

IX. Legal related

1. The purchase of services on this site must comply with the laws and regulations of the server location, the country where the server is located, and the country where the user is located.

2. To purchase the services of this site, you must use real and valid identity information. In order to ensure the quality of service, this site reserves the right to require customers to provide valid identification. Those who submit orders with fraudulent information will not be opened and will not be refunded.

X. Changes to the Terms of Service

We have the right to modify the terms of service on this page when necessary. Once the terms of service change, we will prompt the revised content on important pages.

If you do not agree with the changed content, the user can take the initiative to cancel the service obtained. If the user continues to use the services of this site, it is deemed to accept the changes to the terms of service.

The changes to the terms of service are deemed to be accepted 3 days after the terms are modified.

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